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Custom Riding Breeches Manufacturer In China

Custom Design Processing

Your Custom Design Problems And Concerns





Custom Riding Breeches Manufacturer In China

Private label riding breeches manufacturer Custom high quality breeches manufacturer.

Women riding pants manufacturer women horse riding tights manufacturer.

Custom jodhpurs manufacturer and custom equestrian breeches manufacturer in china.

We can manufacturer breeches for your fitness active wear work out wear brand.

A set of breeches options for you. You can send us your tech pack or we can do the tech pack for you.

Click here to Get our free tech pack design service.


Custom Design Processing


Our Custom Design Processing For You Riding Breeches

Fabric selection

Our sales and production team will assist to select the best fabric for you products

Cut and sewing

Once the fabric is selected. Will do the fabric cutting and sewing


Once the products finished will do hangtag and labeling to make sure the products finalized


The final products is ironed we will package to give it a premium look


Door to door ship by air or by sea at your requirements we can recommend the cost and handle the shipping for you


Custom different women breeches

Knee patch breeches and tights.

Women full seat breeches and tights.Ladies high waisted breeches and tights.

Women silicone knee patch breeches.

To custom the breeches five steps to do the high quality women equestrian breeches.


Fabric Selection

Fabric type

As a gym wear manufacturer and wholesale women breeches manufacturer and supplier. we have many fabric to choose.

Polyester spandex fabric. Nylon spandex fabric. Sustainable fabric Bamboo organic cotton fabric to custom the women horse riding pants.

Custom the riding jodhpurs we use the high quality fabrics with color fastness and color fixation finishing processes.

CLick here Contact us for the free fabric swatches and e catalog for the fabric.


Sewing Techniques

Different stitches for different fabrics. For women full seat breeches we usually use the stretchy stitches.

For men and women polyester leggings. Overlock and coverstitch are offer prefered.


Threads type

The type of threads used should be compatible with the fabric and sewing technique.

For polyester equestrian breeches we will use the polyester threads while for the nylon equestrian breeches we will use the high elastic nylon threads.


Seam finish

The type of seam finish used can have an impact on the durability and appearance of the finished products.

We offer a clear and professional finish. For polyester and nylon equestrian breeches are often overlocked or serged to prevent fraying and provide stretch.


Silicon printing

Full seat silicon printing for breeches.Silicone applied directly onto the breeches with silk printing.

To do the grip silicon pattern. they are great for helping you stay secure in the saddle by promoting stillness from your seat down.


Fabric Printing

Screen Printing

(Silkscreen)Screen printing is a commonly used printing process that involves creating holes in a mesh screen and using a squeegee to push ink through the holes to print the logo onto the garment. This technique allows for rich colors and clear patterns and is suitable for large logo printing.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing involves transferring the logo onto the garment using heat and pressure. The logo is first printed on a heat plate, and then the heat transfer paper is applied to the garment, transferring the logo through high temperature and pressure. Heat transfer printing achieves intricate details and vibrant colors and can be applied to various fabric types.


Embroidery is a method of stitching the logo onto the garment using thread. This technique creates a three-dimensional and textured effect, with good durability, making it suitable for various types of clothing. Embroidery is often used for small logo areas or designs that require detailed displays.

Iron-on Transfers (Heat Press)

Iron-on transfers involve transferring the logo onto the garment using heat and pressure, similar to heat transfer printing, but using different materials. Common materials for iron-on transfers include iron-on stickers and films. This method is suitable for simple logo printing and is commonly used for mass production and quick fabrication.

Digital Printing

Digital printing utilizes digital printers to directly print the logo onto the garment. This process achieves high resolution and colorful printing effects, making it suitable for small quantities or personalized logo printing.


Your Custom Design Problems And Concerns

We know your custom design problems and concerns

Those are frequently seen when you custom the women equestrian breeches.

The women horse riding breeches will break after you wear for few times.

The brand logo comes off the fabric after few time washes.

The fabric fading the colors after washing or exposed to the sun.


Without a doubt at the journey to assist more than 3000+ active wear brand.

We know the reasons and show our clients the solutions for these.

Those negative features will create a deadly situation for start up sports wear brand and small business.

In order to eliminate those problems. Sansansun sports offer unique support for your active wear brand and start ups.

We choose the high quality fabric for you use the high quality stitching and sewing threads.

With lower MOQ 70pcs each color each styles can mix different sizes for you to start ups.

To know more info and get the start ups kits.  Click here to get.